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Nov 3, 2023

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Before heading out onto winter roads, look out for these 9 car essentials to ensure a safe driving experience.

Emergency Kit

Keep essential first-aid items as well as food, warm clothes, a shovel, scraper, flashlight and booster cables. Visit caasco.com/winterdriving for a full list of items.


If your battery is accessible—and older than three years— check for signs such as corrosion, wetness or irregularities in the casing.


Be sure that all lights—interior and exterior—are in good working order.


Check tire pressure regularly, as it decreases in the cold. It is strongly recommended that you use winter tires—they provide dramatically improved traction below 7°C.


Refer to the manual for specifics, but it’s a good idea to change your oil if it’s more than six months old. Replace coolant based on manufacturer’s recommendations, which can be found in your owner’s manual. Keep wiper-fluid reservoir full.


Most wiper blades last about six months at peak performance, so make a habit of changing your blades at least once if not twice a year.


Keeping your tank at least half full reduces condensation buildup to help prevent the gas line from freezing.


Check for exhaust system leaks. Clues that you may have a problem: an exhaust running loud, decreasing gas mileage, exhaust fumes in the front of the vehicle or cabin, and visible holes in the metal.


When you are driving, listen for squealing or grinding. If you suspect any issues, have your mechanic take a look.

Change is Good

CAA Mobile Tire Change service will come to you to swap out your on-rim tires for winter. Visit caasco.com/wintertirechange for details and to book an appointment.

Hit the road

Visit caasco.com/winterdriving for more tips on vehicle care and safe driving year-round.

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