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Jan 5, 2024

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Nothing ruins the vacation vibe faster than that nagging feeling. Is the back door unlocked? Will the basement leak if it rains? Smart-home devices help keep tabs on everything, from deliveries to air quality, so you can check in on your phone

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Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats come with perks that can help you save money. Enable energy-saving settings before departing or use an app to adjust your home’s heat or air conditioning in real time, so you’re in control in case of unexpected weather fluctuations—say, a sudden heat wave, air-quality alert or rainstorm. Try Ecobee Smart Thermostat or Nest Learning Thermostat.

Indoor Cameras

Keeping a watchful eye on your home can be as easy as pushing a button with an indoor camera system. These devices can automatically track and record any indoor motion from multiple angles and push motion-sensor alerts to your tablet, smartphone or even smart TV. Try Wyze Cam Pan v3 or Amazon Blink Mini Compact Camera.

Water Monitors

No need to worry about coming home to leaks or a flooded home. A water monitor can prevent accidents by tracking water usage and humidity levels. It can even detect leaks and turn off water at the source. While extensive in-home systems can be pricey, you can also buy stand-alone sensors and place them in high-risk areas, such as beside your dishwasher or under the sink. Try Moen Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff system or D-Link Whole Home Wi-Fi Water Leak Sensor Starter Kit.

Smart Locks 

A keyless smart lock boosts security with minimal fuss and no log-ins, cables or intricate set-up. Attaching one to the door is simple—some even fit over a standard lock or deadbolt. Most smart locks can be set up for keyless or virtual entry, so dog walkers, neighbours and family or friends can enter with your permission while you’re away. Try August Smart Lock Pro + Connect or Google Nest x Yale Lock.

Outdoor Security Systems 

Smart-home security systems are available in almost every price range. Many are voice-enabled and work with the smart assistant of your choice, be it Alexa or Siri. Some are motion-activated and send alerts to owners when triggered. Those with wireless cameras and battery and solar-panel alternatives are a great choice for renters without access to their electrical wiring or those in need of options for outdoor spaces. Try Arlo Pro 3 Wireless or Ring Alarm.

Not even the smartest gadget can replace the watchful eyes of trusted neighbours. Most home insurance policies require that someone checks on your empty home. But keyless entries and two-way communication make it easier to let them in (and remind them to water the plants).

Lock up.

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