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Apr 25, 2024

4 min. read

How to Keep Your Home Safe While You're On Vacation

Illustration courtesy of Sam Island.

Inside your home

  • Attach timers to lamps positioned near windows. Illuminating key rooms at night will make it seem like you’re home.

  • Test your sump pump and turn off the main water inlet valve before you go to prevent flooding.

  • Test all locks on doors and windows. Place a plank of wood in the tracks of sliding doors for extra security.

  • Have a friend or neighbour check on your house every few days. Your insurance may have requirements about how frequent these visits need to be—read your policy for details.

  • Inform your insurer if you are away for an extended period—this may also be a requirement of your policy.

Outside your home

  • Install outdoor lighting with motion detectors—or, even better, invest in a smart outdoor security system.

  • Be discreet about who you tell that you’re away, and when loading luggage in the car.

  • Neglected plants could make it obvious that you’re away. Ask someone to water the garden and mow the lawn.

  • Don’t hide keys outside—leave them with a friend or neighbour for safekeeping.