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Mar 4, 2020

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When you go above and beyond the expected, people tend to notice. And when the right people take notice, you may even win an award. That’s what happened recently for the Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region (STSWR). As a 20-year partner in the CAA School Safety Patrol® program, the Waterloo transportation consortium was recently selected as this year's CAA School Safety Patrol® Program Achievement Award winner.

For those who aren’t familiar with the CAA School Safety Patrol® (SSP) program, this CAA-operated program is at work in over 900 schools, with local police services, bus companies, bus consortia, teachers, parents and nearly 20,000 student volunteers making Ontario’s school buses and school zones safer for students. The program’s success relies on a shared commitment to student safety.

Student transportation services of Waterloo region wins 2020 award for outstanding work.

While awards aren’t what motivate the partners, CAA South Central Ontario (CAASCO) makes it a point to recognize outstanding partners’ efforts. In addition to recognizing top CAA School Safety Patrollers annually, CAASCO also focuses the spotlight on partners for their exceptional contributions. This year, the STSWR was one of the two partners who received an award for their outstanding work.

As a transportation provider for the 107 participating SSP schools in the region, STSWR has been a strong program advocate for several decades. The consortium has consistently demonstrated their dedication, hard work and commitment to the program, along with the safety of their community.

2020 saw the Waterloo transportation consortium going above and beyond for school safety.

Over the past year, STSWR supported the CAA SSP program by:

  • Promoting the program to teachers, superintendents and school leaders by bringing CAA to the table to share information and grow the program within the region.

  • Organizing efforts with Waterloo Regional Police to help train over 1500 Patrollers.

  • Working with Waterloo Regional Police Service who help fund Bingeman's Water Park passes as a reward for their Patrollers every year.

  • Planning their own Patroller appreciation movie day every year.

  • Staying up to date on busing industry developments by consulting with CAA regularly for feedback and guidance.

To recognize their outstanding efforts, CAA South Central Ontario awarded STSWR with a plaque, individual awards, and a $1500 cheque to be used towards the CAA SSP program in their region.

It is thanks to partners like Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region that the CAA School Safety Patrol® program has grown to see the large success it enjoys today. Could your community benefit from increased school safety?


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