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Dec 8, 2023

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A CAA survey on cannabis-impaired driving found that 14% of Ontario drivers (1.5 million) polled have ever consumed cannabis before driving. Of those drivers, 49% waited less than three hours before getting behind the wheel and 38% felt high while driving. On top of that, three out of four (75%) were confident in their ability to drive.

“There’s a common misconception that cannabis doesn’t affect your driving ability or that it can actually make you a better driver,” says Michael Stewart, a community relations consultant at CAA SCO. “Though the severity and length of these effects vary depending on how you choose to consume cannabis—through solid edibles or smoking a joint—driving while under the influence of cannabis affects your coordination, reaction time, ability to pay attention and judge distances, and your decision-making ability,” he says.

With the holiday season approaching, remember to celebrate responsibly. Penalties for drivers who choose to drive while under the influence of cannabis include loss of license, vehicle impoundment and fines.

Celebrate responsibly.

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